Newborn baby goat kid-napped from BC farm’s 'schnuggle' event

Apr 30 2019, 3:37 pm

A family farm in British Columbia is pleading for the public’s help after a young goat went missing.

On Saturday, April 27, Yellow Point Farms, located in Ladysmith, BC, hosted their “baby goat schnuggles” event. The popular event saw more than 50 people attend and ran from 1 to 3 pm.

Owners were shocked afterwards, however, when they discovered that a 12-day-old goat had been kid-napped from the event.

“He was there before it started, and not there after,” reads a Facebook post, written by the farm. “We have searched high and low for hours yesterday and this whole morning as well, not wanting to believe the worst — that someone actually stole him.

The post also explains that the farm is a fairly small space with few places to hide and no predators around.

“He is only 12 days old and needs his mama’s milk. She has been crying for him and it is breaking our hearts. Also, I now have to tell the lovely lady who reserved him that she won’t be getting her baby that she has fallen in love with already.”

The farm is now asking for anyone who has information regarding the incident to step forward.

The 12-day-old kid is described as “very recognizable” with his gold colour, blue eyes, moonspots, and a belt of white on his left side.

A $1,200 reward has also been issued for information leading up to his return.

Contact information can be found on the farm’s Facebook page.

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