Apple adds cream cheese to bagel emoji after public outcry

Oct 16 2018, 5:14 pm

After releasing the long-awaited bagel emoji to a recent version of iOS, Apple users were quick to share their love (and criticism) of the carbed wonder in emoji-fied form.

In the most recent version of the beta update, according to Emojipedia, Apple made amends by adding cream cheese and creating a more textured design.

As one would expect with the internet, you can never please everyone. An array of social media users were more than happy with the change.

But of course, there were an equal number of users who still managed to find a bone to pick – perhaps you can’t win them all.

At the end of the day, Emojis are still a staple of communication in the modern world and the new characters are a happy addition.

From a Canadian standpoint, at least our options are opened up anytime we want to brag about Montreal-style bagels or complain about those at Tim Hortons.

With files from Tyler Jadah.

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