Google searches show what Americans look up the most about Canadians

Jun 20 2022, 9:21 pm

A study of Google searches has revealed the questions Americans have about Canadians.

The study, held by online language tutoring website Preply, showed that Americans were most curious about how Canadians pronounce certain words.

As weird as it is, “How do Canadians speak?” was one of the US’s most asked questions about us. Other common queries revolved around Canadians saying “eh” or pronouncing “about” like “a-boot.”


Our neighbours probably think we’re the sweetest lot on the planet, because they’re still on the internet, asking the following questions:

  • Why are Canadians so nice?
  • Why are Canadians so polite?
  • Why are Canadians so friendly?

One of the funnier things the US wonders is how we feel about the animate TV series South Park, which has long portrayed its Canadian characters in a very different way compared to its American characters.

“Canadians are portrayed as having oval-shaped flappy Pac-Man-like heads with black beady eyes,” reads South Park Fandom’s description. “The rest of their bodily layout is very rectangular and straight. They speak with an exaggerated accent and usually end all of their sentences with ‘eh,’ ‘buddy,’ ‘pal,’ ‘guy,’ or ‘friend.’ They also pronounce ‘about’ as ‘aboot,’ and ‘sorry’ as ‘soorry.'”

Americans also wonder why we love hockey and celebrate Thanksgiving in October.

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