Liberal victory renews talks of Alberta separation on social media

Oct 22 2019, 4:23 pm

Justin Trudeau’s re-elected Liberal Party has ignited plenty of ire on the west coast.

The Liberals were elected as a minority government but didn’t win a single seat in the Alberta, losing the popular vote 34 to 33% to Andrew Scheer’s Conservative Party.

Alberta proved to support the Conservatives with all but one of the province’s ridings going blue (NDP’s Heather McPherson won in Edmonton) as voters opposing the Liberals feel disregarded by the federal government.

A Facebook group,, grew in followers, gaining thousands of supporters in the hours after the re-election was announced.

“We are all heartbroken,” states the VoteWexit Facebook page. “We have been betrayed by an ungrateful population of Eastern Canadian voters, who have spit in your face, as they watched you suffer through job loss…. over taxation….. over regulation….. yet took endlessly from YOU to fund their social programs. Well no more. Albertans are the toughest and most resilient people on planet earth. Get some rest tonight. Because tomorrow we begin the march to independence.”

As of this writing, the recently-surged group has 122,296 followers.

On Tuesday, #Wexit was trending on Twitter in Canada, calling for the West to split from the rest of the country.

Here are some strong reactions from the west coast as talk of separation has seriously ignited.

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