The cutest Canadian animals to "gift" this holiday season

Dec 17 2021, 9:34 pm

If your heart melts just by looking at animal photos, then you will want to get your wallet out ASAP.

There are a ton of non-profits that work to support wildlife in Canada 365 days a year, and around the holidays, it’s your chance to jump in and say you care for these animals too.

From adorable polar bears and puffins to bison and otters, there are so many animals to support during the season of giving.

Whether you’re looking for a last-minute easy holiday gift idea or you’re wondering what animals are up for “adoption” this holiday season, hereĀ are some of the cutest, most adorable animals that you can “gift” this season:

Polar bear

adopt an animal

Shvaygert Ekaterina/Shutterstock

Northern spotted owl

adopt animal


Snowy owl

adopt animal

Wang LiQiang/Shutterstock

Atlantic puffin

adopt animal

Blue Planet Studio/Shutterstock

Canada lynx

adopt animal

Kelly Gottermeyer/Shutterstock

Plains bison

adopt animal

Betty Shelton/Shutterstock

River otter

adopt animal

Dean Clarke/Shutterstock



Mark A. McCaffrey/Shutterstock

Red fox



To visit their websites to see the full list of adoptable animals and to learn more fromĀ Nature Conservancy Canada, the Canadian Wildlife Federation, and theĀ Northern Spotted Owl Breeding Program.

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