Adopt Me: The puppy who loves "zoomies" and pinecones

Aug 24 2019, 1:35 am

Camille is a long way from home.

The five-month-old puppy was brought to Vancouver from the Northwest Territories to find a forever home.

And since her arrival thanks to LEASH Animal Welfare Society, she’s been busy. While staying in a foster family, she’s proven that she loves “zoomies” and pinecones — lots of them.

Camille/LEASH Saving Lives

Camille has proven to be a very sweet pup, according to her foster family.  But she’s shy — easily spooked — and does do better with having a confident dog friend.

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Her ideal home would be one with no kids and another canine to play with and keep her company.  LEASH would love her to go to a home with a backyard so she can get out all of her beans while building up her confidence and working through her fears.

Camille/LEASH Saving Lives

“She is not the dog that can do parks, trails, camping etc at this point. Slow and steady is her mantra!” says LEASH.

The Vancouver-area rescue group, which specializes in bringing in dogs from areas with animal overpopulation issues in Canada, says Camille is basically open to anything as long as you are patient with her — and have lots of treats.

Camille/LEASH Saving Lives

They describe her as “excited to learn things,” with a zest for exploring.  They think she’s quite smart for her age.  

Camille is 15 pounds, but still very much growing.

If you think you’re the bacon to Camille’s eggs, you can apply online on LEASH’s website. Make sure to read its adoption FAQs to make sure you qualify.  Pre-approved applicants will have a meet-and-greet and home visit before the adoption is finalized.

Her adoption fee is $450.

Camille/LEASH Saving Lives


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