Vancouver's Adeera is elevating the way we view and wear silk

Dec 10 2021, 6:52 pm

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Adeera is a female-owned and female-run sustainable silkwear brand based in Vancouver.

The company specializes in silk designs and is working towards pushing the boundaries of silk designs beyond what it’s traditionally used for, such as flowy dresses and skirts.

Each of their designs is a reflection of the confidence and strength that women carry, while the ethos of Adeera is inspired by women who are paving their own way in life.

Vancity has been supporting people in our communities since 1946. As part of our Made in Vancouver series spotlighting local businesses, we talked to Emma Reynolds, co-owner of Adeera, about what makes Adeera silks special and her plans for the future. Learn more about what Vancity is doing in your community at

Four years ago, Emma Renolds and Shannon Hall met through mutual friends in Vancouver. The two quickly became close and realized that they shared similar life goals, dreams, and ideas.

One of their main shared ideas happened to be that they just couldn’t find a sustainable brand that offered the combination of elevated, timeless, and edgy style they were looking for.

With Renolds having a background in marketing and Hall having a background in fashion design, the two decided to combine their talents and launch their own line, Adeera.

Creating garments with both elegance and confidence-boosting power, Renolds and Hall decided to name their brand Adeera; meaning strength and power.

“Our designs are inspired by strong, powerful women from the past and present who are building their own way in life,” Renolds explained to Daily Hive. 

There’s nothing wrong with loving to wear clothes that make you feel confident, sexy, and powerful. We want women to know that with one Adeera piece they can feel exactly that. Clothes are personal, they are a reflection of who we are.”

Adeera’s current capsule collection features a variety of silk charmeuse products, perfect for any occasion. 

Each garment is designed to be kept for a lifetime and can be worn with multiple outfits, as sets for an event or even separately with t-shirts or jeans for a more casual look.

In the future, Adeera plans to include some of the other 35 weaves of silk into their collections.

We want to push the boundaries of silk design and explore the potential of this luxury fabric, where one piece can define a whole outfit,” said Renolds. “We also want to show the world that sustainable fashion can be stylish, elevated, and of timeless quality.”

Renolds and Hall want to be the ones to explore the endless possibilities of silk and have an end goal of becoming the company most well known for silk fashion in the world. 


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