Bleeding dog found abandoned in "horrendous condition" by police

Oct 14 2020, 6:13 pm

A badly neglected dog found wandering the side of the road in “horrendous condition” is getting a second chance at life and love, thanks to a local rescue organization.

The pup, now dubbed Maisy Gray, was spotted by police officers last month. The pair put the dog in the backseat of their cruiser and took her to Chilliwack Animal Control for emergency care. They reported that the smell was so overwhelming that it was “difficult to stomach.”

Rescue volunteers say it’s difficult to put into words how poor the animal’s health was. She was emaciated, and both eyes and ears were badly infected and “full of gunk.” She needed treatment for maggots.

Courtesy HugABull

Courtesy HugABull

“Her skin was pussing and bleeding and she had no hair on half of her body. Her nails were so long that they had grown into the pads of her feet,” said Kim Federico, the director of foster care at HugABull, the group that’s now caring for Maisy. 

Shelter staff worked diligently to help the injured dog, but the vet was unable to perform some medical procedures because of her dire condition and there were concerns she might not be able to handle it.

In addition to her physical problems, emotionally the dog was “completely shut down.” After a week or so of being in the shelter, staff say she started to wag her tail when she would see them come into the kennel. Federico notes the shelter staff did “amazing work” caring for the traumatized dog.

Maisy Gray

Maisy at the shelter, where staff took great care of the neglected pooch (HugABull)

Although little is known about Maisy’s past owners, the rescue group believes hers is a case of chronic neglect. Her nails were ingrown into the pads of her feet, making every step incredibly painful. 

“Judging by the condition of her skin and her ears, it’s been many years. Her ears are actually cauliflowered inside, which happens from repeated ear infections and allergies. Her skin looks scarred and the hair will likely not grow back,” said Federico. She also has a crooked jaw from some sort of unspecified and untreated trauma, possibly a break. 

Maisy is now safe and on the road to recovery, but it’s expected she will be in the care of HugABull for many months, and vet bills will be expensive. X-rays and possibly surgery will be required for her jaw. Federico says without hesitation, Maisy is “worth every penny.”‘

“After everything she’s endured, she is still so loving and we are always so amazed at the resiliency of animals,” she said. 

maisy gray

Maisy recovering with her foster mom on Vancouver Island (HugABull)

Maisy is now being fostered by a longtime dog trainer, and former HugABull president, Shelagh Begg.

Every day Maisy is showing more of her personality and coming out of her shell. She will be available for adoption once the group feels she is ready.

HugABull is documenting Maisy’s transformation and is looking for supporters to donate $20 towards her care. Even that small amount allows the group to care for more dogs like Maisy, says Federico.

“At the very minimum, all dogs deserve to have their basic needs met. Food, fresh water, protection from the elements, a warm bed, proper medical attention – it’s really not that much to ask for. Yet, Maisy has been deprived of all of those things,” she says.

“Maisy is one of so many dogs that deserve a second chance and we are honoured to be able to give that to her.”

The group is looking for animal lovers to sponsor Maisy to help offset the whopping cost of vet bills. For a $20 donation, all sponsors will receive photo and video updates about Maisy’s journey and amazing transformation. Additional funds raised will go towards helping other dogs. Click here to learn more.

Maisy Gray (Shelagh Begg)

Maisy Gray (Shelagh Begg)

Maisy Gray (Shelagh Begg)

Maisy Gray (Shelagh Begg)

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