8 things to do in Vancouver this week while physical distancing

Apr 6 2020, 11:07 am

Even though we still can’t hang with our friends this week, it doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy what Vancouver has to offer.

As businesses and residents adapt to the new normal, there are a variety of ways to enjoy our city by supporting local businesses and taking care of our sanity while being in self-isolation.

Here are a few ideas for things to do in Vancouver this week while following physical distancing regulations.

Treat yourself to dinner

Just because you’re stuck at home, doesn’t mean you have to eat leftovers for every meal. Many local businesses are still operating with take-out and delivery options. Treat yourself to a fancy dinner tonight while supporting your favourite local restaurant!

Before you order, have a look through our delivery/takeout options in Vancouver list, which is being updated every day. Some local businesses are also offering pantry essentials such as produce, homemade pasta, meal kits, and so much more.

Go for a run

The one thing Vancouver doesn’t lack is a number of beautiful spots to go for a jog. Challenge yourself by trying a run you’ve never done before, or keep it simple by jogging around the block. Even if you’re a beginner, motivate yourself by bringing along your phone and snapping some shots along the way.

Learn a new skill

You know that skill you’ve been meaning to try or the language you wanted to learn for your next trip? There is no better time than now to start!

If you’re thinking about learning a new language, Duolingo is free on Android and in the App Store. They do a great job by offering quick but informative exercises and are known for their persistent reminders so you don’t forget. Take this opportunity to further the next step in your career as many local institutions such as Brainstation, BCIT, and Langara are also offering their programs online.

Join a virtual dance party

Can’t go out this Friday? No problem, because the VYVE has got you covered with an online Disco Party every Friday from 7 to 8:30 pm. What better way to get through this together than dancing it out? They will feature various high-intensity JOY and dance activities. This includes a warm-up, freestyle, and social periods.

Laugh it up at yoga

Yes, this is a thing! We all need more laughter in our lives, especially during these uncertain times. Laughter is essential to our mental health as it encourages the body to release endorphins, reduce stress hormones and relieve physical tension. These classes include exercises that combine yoga with unconditional laughter activities. The best part is that the Centre for Mindfulness offers this class for free once a month!

Get sunset take-out

If you’re like us and don’t mind the occasional meal in your car, take the opportunity to enjoy dinner there! You can bring your favourite take-out meal (maybe something spill-proof) and dine with the best views in Vancouver. With the weather warming up, it’s a great chance to enjoy the perfect sunset by the beach or even up the mountain.

See the cherry blossoms

Cherry blossom season has arrived in Vancouver. It’s the one time of the year we can stand and pose in front of trees without being questioned by our neighbours. Did you know that you can find these cherry blossoms in your own neighbourhood? Take a drive through Kitsilano, West 16th Avenue, or the neighbourhoods around UBC to check them out this season.

Join an online paint night

It’s time to get creative with your friends and family. The Yaymaker team is now offering their Paint Nites online. These classes are a great way to “get together” with your friends and family on a Friday night. While they have some great family-friendly classes, if you’re looking to break out the wine this Friday, make sure to check out their 21+ classes, too!

It’s never been more important to practice physical distancing. However, the one thing our city doesn’t lack is the variety of things to do to keep us active!

Take this time as an opportunity to explore new and creative ways to spend your nights and weekends. As it turns out, there are still so many ways for us to stay connected and active in our communities.

Editor’s note: A previous version of this article listed a “drive along the Sea-to-Sky” as an activity suggestion. That has since been removed to reflect the importance of proper physical distancing and restricting travel during this time. 

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