6 interior design trends for 2021, according to an expert

Jan 6 2021, 7:00 am

Throughout 2020, we spent more time at home than ever before, making our spaces work overtime as offices, mini gyms, and culinary kitchens.

At the start of the pandemic, Tiffany Leigh Piotrowski, the owner and principal designer at Toronto-based residential interior firm, Tiffany Leigh Design, launched her online store TLD Curated.

“I saw a way to give people something to get excited about in their homes,” Piotrowski tells Daily Hive. Stocking vintage items, textiles, decor, and kitchen essentials, the designer says the store has seen a positive response from customers.

“I think the current circumstances of the pandemic are actually dictating a lot of what people are craving in their homes right now,” she says. “We’re going to see some changes.”

As we start a new (and hopefully better) year, Piotrowski shares the interior design trends she anticipates emerging or continuing in 2021.

Warmer tones

Although grey was a reigning shade in design for a long time, Piotrowski expects to see an increase in warmer tones in 2021. “I think we’re going to move to seeing more warm tones, like rust, brown, oatmeal, and mushroom putty colours as opposed to true, cool greys,” she says. “The warmer tones feel a little cozier and inviting.”

White walls

The plain white wall trend will continue in popularity, according to Piotrowski, but she predicts that we’ll see white walls with more texture. “I’ve been seeing a lot of lime wash finishes and Roman clay finishes that almost look like plaster walls.”

Home offices

With more people working from home right now, Piotrowski expects there will be a huge demand for home offices. “We’re getting lots of requests about how people can carve out office spaces in smaller spaces,” she says. “Whether it be turning an unused closet into a little desk nook or carving out space in the guest room where you can put a desk; I think we’re going to see more work from home needs in the near future.”

Shifting elements

Rooms may feel less utilitarian and more livable and inviting in 2021, says Piotrowski. The designer anticipates that we’ll start seeing more elements in spaces like kitchens and bathrooms that feel like they belong in a living room setting. “I’ve been seeing lamps on kitchen counters, lamps on vanities, and old oil paintings make their way into kitchens and bathrooms.”

Outdoor spaces

Since travel is limited and people aren’t able to get away as much during Canada’s winter months, Piotrowski says decorating outdoor spaces is a trend that will continue in 2021. “I think people are going to want to enjoy our lovely Canadian summers as much as possible while we are all sort of grounded here,” she says.

“It’s nice to invest in a space that you can enjoy outside.”

Enclosed showers

In 2020, Piotrowski says enclosed shower designs made a comeback. “For a long time, it was all glass showers and people really wanting that open feel in their washroom,” she says. “I’ve been noticing more fully enclosed shower units with a beautiful door, and then beautiful tile inside that wraps all four walls.”

This, the designer says, might be leaning into the current self-care movement. “I think we’re going to see more spaces becoming about that coziness and warmth, and that private feeling, now that we’re all living on top of each other more than ever.”

For anyone who wants to transform their space this year, Piotrowski suggests looking to paint. “If you’re feeling like you need a change on a budget, painting your room can be an excellent place to start.”

Another thing the designer says people could do is a huge purge and declutter.

“When you do a big declutter in the spring, it really changes the energy of a space. You can let go of some things, leave some 2020 in the past, and have a nice fresh start.”

Piotrowski continues, “Hopefully, for most people, the home is becoming a symbol of safety, comfort, and respite from the world.

“I think because you’re spending so much time in your home right now, if you’re feeling like something needs a change, it’s a great time to do it.”