13 outrageous cocktails to get in Vancouver

Mar 2 2018, 7:31 am

Sometimes you just need to go a little wild with your drinks.

Whether it’s been a long day at the office, you want to impress your friends, or you just want something a little bit crazy – the reason really doesn’t matter.

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What matters is that you’ve got the attitude to tackle something off the beaten path of the normal drinks menu.

So in a celebration of beverages that can only be defined as ‘extra’, here are Vancouver’s most outrageous cocktails.

The Parlour

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Punch Bowls: There’s something to be said about Parlour’s punch bowls. The classiness of the bronze bowl takes away from the fact that you’re probably gonna try to down it all by yourself. They have great pizza too, so that’s a thing.

Address: 1011 Hamilton Street
Phone: 604-568-3322

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Huli Huli: This drink literally costs $42. Juniper pushes the boundaries to create this ridiculously frivolous drink, decked out with passion fruit caviar, gold flakes, and a sparkler. If nothing else, it’ll look immensely cool on your social media feed…

Address: 185 Keefer Street
Phone: 604-681-1695

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The Shameful Tiki Room

Volcano Bowl/Mystery Bowl: The drinks here are, both literally and figuratively, lit. These two bowls come set on fire and mix different kinds of hard liquors. It’s all the fun of a Hawaiian luau, minus the tacky flower shirts.

Address: 4362 Main Street, Vancouver
Phone: 604-999-5684

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Sencha Tea Lounge

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Heineken Green Tea/Cloud 9: It’s literally a glow-in-the-dark bulldog and a cocktail that looks straight out of Harry Potter. Some of their cocktails have tea in them as well, so you can “pretend” that they have some sort of health benefit.

Address: 3468 West Broadway, Vancouver
Phone: 604-428-9866

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Score on Davie

Checkmate Ceasar: You get chicken, a burger, a slider, onion rings, chicken wings, a hot dog, and a brownie piled up over top a Ceasar. It costs $60 and has to be shared by two, but at least you’re paying more so for a meal than sparkler in a fancy cup.

Address: 1262 Davie Street
Phone: 604-632-1646

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Pretty Bird/Deep Cove: What the Pretty Bird and Deep Cove lack in sheer volume and size, they make up in elegance and aesthetics. You’ll need to pay a pretty price for the two drinks ($31 and $29, respectively), it’s just a shame you can’t take the bird with you.

Address: 1038 Canada Place Way
Phone: 604-695-5300

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Clough Club

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Flamingo: This fancy flamingo will likely take up the entire table, have you making bird jokes for an hour, and writing Instagram captions about being “bird-brained.” There’s a four-person minimum to actually order this bad bird, but you can rest easy knowing that it’s loaded with liquor.

Address: 212 Abbott Street
Phone: 604-558-1581

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La Casita 

Super Margarita: How big is this thing? The cup literally looks like those giant bowls your grandma kept hard candies in. Three ounces of tequila mixed with one and a half of triple sec, in your choice of strawberry, lime, and mango. It’s probably the only time you can accurately use “super” as the prefix for a drink.

Ps. They also do jumbo bulldogs.

Address: 101 W Cordova Street, Vancouver
Phone: 604-646-2444

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Raijo Public House


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Juicy Fruit Punch: Served in a fresh mini watermelon or pineapple, this drink is the closest you can get to island time without having to buy airfare. If not for the eccentric fruit punch, you’ll want to come for the food, which is actually priced very well.

Address: 3763 W 10th Avenue
Phone: 604-558-1679

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Rev’s Bowling

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Inception Shot: There are literally no words for how funny this is. There’s the fact that somewhere in Vancouver, there’s a bar that’ll give you tequila, a jager bomb, and a shot of red dragon, all in one. It’s even funnier that it comes from a bowling alley, of all places. Try it for yourself and see how many times you bowl into the gutter.

Address: 5502 Lougheed Highway – Burnaby

Phone: 604-299-9381

Address: 22730 – 119th Avenue – Maple Ridge
Phone: 604-467-2626


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