Dashcam footage captures the danger of jaywalking in front of a streetcar (VIDEO)

Nov 23 2018, 2:22 pm

A dashcam video in Toronto showed one of the reasons pedestrians shouldn’t try to cross a road at a red light, especially when a streetcar is blocking the full view of the street.

The video, shared on reddit, was uploaded on November 22 but shows an accident that happened at 9:23 pm on November 9. It captures the downtown intersection of College and Augusta, at the edge of Kensington Market.

A pedestrian can be seen on the left of the streetcar while both the streetcar and vehicle recording the incident have a green light to move forward.

After the streetcar doors close, the vehicle begins to move forward at the same time the pedestrian runs across the street, not seeing the vehicle to the streetcar’s right.

The pedestrian is then hit hard, seeming to lose a shoe in the process, but walks away without ever falling over. Toward the end of the video he does appear to be limping, however.

While there are no reports of injuries, it definitely shows why crossing the street during a red light can be dangerous.

Stay safe out there.

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