There's a way to store an Ontario vaccination receipt in your Apple wallet

Sep 21 2021, 8:38 pm

A group of volunteers has created a tool that converts Ontario COVID-19 vaccine receipts into passes stored in iPhone users’ Apple wallets.

It provides an easy way of keeping track of the vaccine receipt on a mobile phone instead of searching for it through the camera roll.

The online tool simply requires users to download an original copy of the vaccine receipt, upload it to the tool to generate a QR code, and then store the QR code in their Apple wallet, similar to an airline ticket.

Anyone with a cellphone camera connected to the internet will be able to scan the code and verify someone’s vaccination status.

The creators say they wanted to give people something easy to use until the official provincial QR codes are released along with a scanning app in October. They encourage users to switch to the provincially endorsed QR code and app once it’s launched.

They also say no personal data is uploaded to the internet and that their code is free to view on GitHub.

The downloaded passes are colour-coded — green means fully vaccinated, and orange means only one dose.

According to the volunteer group, since September 2, more than 70,000 vaccine receipts have been converted using the tool.

The volunteers are the same group who created a one-stop appointment finding tool during the early days of vaccination.

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