This cider company spotlights Toronto's growing craft cider movement (VIDEO)

Mar 10 2017, 8:49 pm

This incoming Toronto cider company is giving good reason to get excited about Ontario craft cider this summer.

Currently crowdfunding for their own product launch, Sulker’s Cider is a local company that’s joining Ontario’s burgeoning cider movement as evidenced by a recent wave of local producers, festivals, and even dedicated cider bars in the city.

As any new business owner would, cider maker Matt Sulker has done his due diligence when it comes to market research. Fortunate for the rest of us, this includes interviews with fellow cider enthusiasts, all of which have been documented and posted as a series to YouTube.

Daily Hive interviewed Matt Sulker to learn more about his cider making process and what to expect in the coming months.

How did you get into cider? 

I started out making cider for my wife and I because we found most options way too sweet. Eventually, we realized I could make something from local ingredients that was much better than most of the mainstream import ciders you could buy off the shelves at the LCBO. I was hooked and took every opportunity to learn more about cider, including harassing our local orchard. After making close to 200 different cider blends/recipes later, here we are!

What makes your cider different from big cider?

I think I could probably sum it up with these two points:

  1. We make a true-to-tradition cider that doesn’t include artificial flavourings or high amounts of sugar.
  2. You can drive 2 hours from Toronto and actually eat the apples that go into our cider.

What did you learn making these videos these interviews?

I learned I’m better at making cider than starring in our videos! But actually, it was great capturing the narrative of the cider movement currently underway in Ontario and getting to know some of the incredible people who have supported our Sulker’s journey online, in real life.

Many of them are now our good friends! There is a common misconception across the board of what people expect cider to be or taste like and they’re surprisingly impressed when they taste a quality Ontario cider!

What should novice cider drinkers be looking for in a cider?

Ingredients. If it’s labeled as cider the first thing on the ingredients list should be apples.Drink what you like, but always seek out a local option. When there’s an actual person crafting a beverage, there’s a lot of love, passion, and care that goes into- and that makes all the difference.

What are your favourite places to drink and discover new ciders in and around Toronto?
This is an easy one! Her Father’s Cider Bar, BarHop, Bierra Volo, and Hungry Brew Hops (Newmarket).

What are some future experiments can cider drinkers look forward from Sulker’s?

Well, this is top secret information, but they may include kombucha, watermelon, tart cherries, passionfruit, and a ghost pepper or 2. There’s a few more, but I want to leave some suspense. We definitely strive to make traditional cider, but I love experimenting and trying new things

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