The TTC will soon have undercover fare inspectors to reduce fare evasion

Dec 21 2016, 11:21 pm

If you’ve been sneaking on to the 501 with no proof of payment, your days of getting away with it might be numbered.

The TTC board has approved plainclothes special constables to reduce fare evaders on the transit system. The new constables will “supplement and support the function of Transit Fare Inspectors” according to the latest TTC report.

In a six month period pilot project earlier this year, the TTC inspected over one million passengers. Of those inspected, 2.7 per cent identified as violations, which is above the industry standard of 2 per cent.

In addition to the plainclothes constables, TTC approved a modified customer friendly uniform for fare inspectors with no batons or handcuffs.

Besides the undercover constables, the board approved transit staff to issue parking violations.

“Transit Enforcement Officers top issue parking infraction notices and direct traffic with an objective to minimize service disruptions which could potentially result in significant public safety issues, and transit and traffic gridlock,” according to the report.

So when you get on the streetcar now, make sure you keep that POP.

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