TTC to install gates to stop drivers from entering Queens Quay tunnel

Mar 17 2018, 11:54 pm

Another day, another car stuck in the TTC’s Queens Quay tunnel.

Early Saturday, the TTC reported a vehicle in the tunnel, with streetcars having to turn back at Queens Quay and Spadina.

With cars seeming to regularly drive through the streetcar tunnel, the TTC now says it will be installing gates to stop drivers from entering it.

“Despite bollards, signs, rumble strips, flashing lights and raised track, some still manage to drive their cars down the Queens Quay streetcar portal, though mostly on weekends and in the middle of the night. Enough,” said TTC Executive Director of Corporate & Customer Communications Brad Ross in a Tweet on Saturday morning. “The TTC will now be installing a gate mechanism.”


Meanwhile, Mayor John Tory thanked first responders who have been dealing with the vehicles stuck in the tunnel.

Tory also expressed approval for the proposed gates.

“Thanks to all the first responders who worked to fix this ridiculous & frustrating situation (yet again),” said Tory. “Glad the TTC is taking action to install a gate but disappointed bollards, signs, rumble strips, flashing lights & raised track aren’t already enough to stop some drivers.”

After a vehicle drove through the tunnel last weekend, a group of Torontonians created an event called “Drive your car in Queens Quay streetcar tunnel.

“The activity Torontonians just can’t get enough of! Join up with some fellow pleasure cruisers and take a scenic drive through historic Queen’s Quay Streetcar tunnel on a lovely spring day,” states the event post. “Ask your mechanic if this event is right for you.”

The mock event currently has over 7,000 interested participants, and over 2,6oo marked as ‘going.’

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