Here are the changes TTC will be making when schools reopen next week

Feb 12 2021, 1:20 pm

In preparation of Toronto’s schools opening next week, the TTC is gearing up to make a few noticeable changes.

On Friday, the TTC said these changes, made to accommodate the influx of students who will be taking public transit, will include the restoration of nearly all express routes, and the deployment of 60 additional buses to service secondary schools.

According to the news release, the TTC will work closely with school boards to understand student enrolment, as well as start and dismissal times.

Mayor John Tory says that these changes will help to provide a safe way for students to get to school every day

“Throughout the pandemic we have worked to keep our transit system running so that our frontline and essential workers can get to and from work every day,” Tory said. “The TTC is ready for the start of in-class learning and will provide a safe and efficient transit system for students.”

The transit authority says that it will remain flexible with its service as it adjusts to students returning to school, and will respond to demand with supplemental buses.

There will also be added staff at stations where student presence is high to monitor for crowding.

The distribution of free mask, enhanced cleaning protocols, and provision of hand sanitizer in every station, streetcar, and Wheel-Trans vehicle will also continue.

“We continue to perform additional and thorough cleaning of our vehicles, provide easy access to hand sanitizer and free masks, and deploy service where it is needed most,” said TTC CEO Rick Leary.

Toronto schools will resume in-person learning on Tuesday February 16.