Improved capacity and service reliability coming to TTC's Line 1

May 9 2018, 2:51 am

The TTC board has approved a plan to improve capacity and service reliability on Line 1.

The new plan helps add capacity across the network, reduce overcrowding, and be funded through the additional $3 million approved by City Council to help address crowding immediately.

“I know transit delays and crowding can be frustrating. I’m dedicated to making sure the TTC is doing everything possible to minimize delays and ease crowding,” said Mayor Tory. “These improvements to Line 1 will improve predictability and consistency of service, reduce wait times and crowding for customers.”

According to the TTC, when Automatic Train Control is fully implemented on Line 1 service and capacity will improve.

In the meantime, the TTC approved measures to manage crowding on Line 1.

During the morning peak period there will be an additional capacity of approximately 3,300-3,600 passengers per hour. In February, the TTC added two trains and in September 2018 the TTC will add a third train.

Additionally, in May, the TTC will operate more services north of Sheppard West station between approximately 6 pm and 9 pm to improve travel and wait times. The TTC says this will be achieved by adjusting schedules to improve train movement at Wilson Yard.

In the fall, the TTC will improve the start of subway service through infrastructure improvements at Wilson Yard resulting in more reliable and predictable travel for commuters. According to the TTC, this improvement minimizes access conflicts with work cars returning to the yard in the early mornings, ensuring that all morning peak period trains are deployed as scheduled.

The TTC has also added 10 station staff to help manage crowds at Bloor-Yonge and St. George stations.

These measures will help prevent extreme overcrowding as experienced by customers on January 30.

“Over the last four years, we have invested millions of dollars in the TTC. I have championed funding the state of good repair backlog at the TTC, something ignored for too long by past administrations,” said Chair Colle.

“We’re finally doing the hard work of upgrading the ageing signal system on Line 1 which will help the system run more reliably and increase capacity for riders.”

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