Toronto's best sunset of the year will happen this week (PHOTOS)

Oct 23 2019, 5:04 pm

Make sure you’re on Toronto’s streets at 6:17 pm this Saturday.

Oh, and have your phone ready and make sure to face west.

‘Cause on October 26 it’s Torontohenge and you don’t want to miss the spectacular sunset that’s going to take place in the city.

Thanks to the grid that is the city of Toronto’s streets, Saturday’s sun will set perfectly down the middle of Toronto’s east-west streets, resulting in a spectacular urban sunset.

Torontohenge, a reference to Stonehenge that was first made popular with Manhattanhenge, only happens twice a year in Toronto (four times if you include sunrise), and this is the last of 2019.

Toronto Weather Forecast

The best part is the weather forecast is showing a mix of sun and clouds for Saturday, so it’s definitely worth it to head outside and try to catch a glimpse of the incredible sight.

So, since the sun currently sets north of the streets looking west, great pictures can be taken between now through October 26, as the sun crosses the street just before sunset.

Toronto sunset times between now and October 26 range from 6:31 to 6:17 pm.

So like we said, get out there and bring your camera/phone if you want to capture the best urban sunset of the year. And check out #TorontoHenge for some worthy inspiration.


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