Toronto Zoo closes temporarily to keep staff, animals safe

Jan 5 2022, 6:16 pm

The Toronto Zoo has decided to pull the plug on visitors, despite being allowed to remain open to protect their staff and animals.

The zoo has made the decision to close temporarily due to the surge ofĀ  COVID-19 in the province. New COVID-19 restrictions would have forced indoor exhibits to close, but the zoo took it a step further and closed outdoor spaces, including Terra Lumina.

In a statement, the zoo said that the move is to help slow the spread of COVID-19 while ensuring the protection of their staff, volunteers, and animals.

“While the outdoor portion of our Zoo could have remained open under the new government regulations, your Toronto Zoo is taking the proactive and necessary step of closing the Zoo to further protect the health and safety of our staff/volunteers, members, guests and of course, our animals, especially those animals that are susceptible to COVID-19,” the statement reads.

The zoo had taken precautions earlier in the pandemic to protect primates and other animals susceptible to COVID-19. Masks had to be worn around the outdoor primate enclosures to help protect the animals.

Staff will remain on-site to care for the animals and keep the zoo functional during the closure.

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