The Toronto Zoo has a new baby gorilla and it's cute AF

Jun 14 2018, 5:27 pm

You now have another reason to pay the Toronto Zoo a visit this summer.

On June 7, the Zoo’s 20-year-old female gorilla Ngozi and Charles, a 46-year-old silverback male, welcomed the birth of their adorable baby gorilla.

And the newborn photos are seriously the cutest thing you’ll see all month.

Today, the Zoo officially revealed the sex and name of the infant, naming her Charlie after her father Charles. It took Wild Care Staff a week to disclose this information as the baby must remain close to its mom during the first few days of infancy.

Charles is one of the Zoo’s most iconic residents, after arriving in 1974 as an orphan. Over the year’s, Charles has fathered over 10 offspring and is the grandfather to six gorillas.

The Zoo is thrilled with the new female addition, as Western lowland gorillas live in family troops with one mature silverback male, multiple females, and their offspring.

According to the Zoo, “Charlie will be able to live in the family group for many years where she will learn family dynamics from the other females including her older sister Nneka.

You can catch a glimpse of Ngozi and Charlie in the African Rainforest pavilion on your next visit to the Zoo.

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