Toronto has one of the world's most photographed skylines

Jan 13 2022, 9:42 pm

If you live in Toronto, you may take its views for granted. The CN Tower, Old City Hall and the Rogers Centre might just be buildings you see along your commute.

However, these iconic buildings are what put the city on Instagram feeds across the globe. A study released on Thursday revealed that Toronto has the sixth most photographed skyline in the world.

Pixsy, an image monitoring platform, conducted the research. They compared Instagram hashtag data from more than a hundred cities worldwide that are famous for their picturesque horizons.

“By cross-referencing against annual visitor numbers and local populations, we were able to find out the most Instagrammable cityscapes; those stunning scenes that encourage both locals and tourists to pick up their cameras and click,” reads the report.

Unsurprisingly, New York takes first place with 768,226 Instagram posts of its skyline. Toronto trails behind five spots with 143,330 posts.


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The report also breaks down results based on which cities are most photographed by tourists and locals.

Toronto is the 13th most photographed city by tourists, with 0.005 posts per visitor. The city is in 14th place for the most photographed city by locals, with 0.012 posts per resident.

Here’s the full list of the most Instagram-worthy skylines across the globe:

  1. New York City, New York, USA – 768,226 posts
  2. Chicago, Illinois, USA – 313,502 posts
  3. London, UK – 269,786 posts
  4. Boston, Massachusetts, USA – 184,353 posts
  5. Jakarta, Indonesia – 176,012 posts
  6. Toronto, Canada – 143,440 posts
  7. Dubai, United Arab Emirates – 134,035 posts
  8. Frankfurt, Germany – 118,690 posts
  9. Dallas, Texas, USA – 94,083 posts
  10. Seattle, Washington, USA – 89,202 posts
  11. Miami, Florida, USA – 77,892 posts
  12. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA – 66,533 posts
  13. Los Angeles, California, USA – 58,610 posts
  14. Singapore – 58,352 posts
  15. Atlanta, Georgia, USA – 51,335 posts
  16. Hong Kong – 45,189 posts
  17. Sydney, Australia – 43,157 posts
  18. Houston, Texas, USA – 38,891 posts
  19. Melbourne, Australia – 36,729 posts
  20. Nashville, Tennessee, USA – 31,958 posts
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