TTC streetcar driver tells customer to "kiss my a**, b*tch" (VIDEO)

Jan 14 2017, 1:03 am

We all have bad days at work.

And those of us who’ve ever worked in customer service often have worse days than others. Because dealing with angry customers can be very draining/upsetting/maddening.

That said, if it is part of your job to interact with the public you should know how to handle them – even when they’re upset with you.

And telling someone to “kiss my ass, bitch” is simply not an example of that.

It doesn’t matter if they called you an asshole first. It doesn’t matter how bad your day has been. It’s just never going to be an appropriate response from a city employee. Ever.

Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened on the Queen Streetcar yesterday when an upset customer demanded a loonie back from the driver (it appears the rest of the money she had given him was Icelandic) and was refused.

The scene was captured by YouTuber HarryHood96.

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