It's not just you: Toronto smells like sh*t today

Oct 21 2019, 3:02 pm

Update: We have found the cause of the smell… Check out: This is the real reason Toronto smells like sh*t today 

Nope, it’s not in your head. Part of Toronto smells like shit today.

While Torontonians awoke Monday morning to see a warm and sunny autumn day, their noses cried foul.

‘Cause despite the beauty of the day, all they smelled was… poop.

It appears that many residents across the city have noticed a foul, pungent smell lingering around the city.

The smell is so bad in fact, that many folks have taken to Twitter to try to get to the bottom of the city’s bad BO.

According to 311 Toronto, the smell could be due to a warm up in the fall leaves.

If you remember a few years ago during a warm up in the fall the leaves were giving off a not so pleasant odour,” they said, in reply to a tweet complaining about the odour

But for those who remember, two years ago to the date, the city encountered the same mysterious problem.

Helping Torontonians get to the bottom of it at the time, City Councillor Mike Layton revealed that the foul stench lingering in the air was simply organic fertilizer being applied to various city sports fields.

Daily Hive has reached out to the City of Toronto’s Parks Department to learn if the reason for today’s stench is the same as previous years.

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