Here's how to get tickets to the Toronto Raptors' historic NBA Finals series

May 27 2019, 1:52 pm

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The time has come, Toronto. The Raptors are going to the NBA Finals, and all the action begins right here.

Game 1 against Golden State begins on Thursday at the Scotiabank Arena.

And while tickets for the games have already made their way on reseller sites, official tickets are set to be released TODAY, Monday, May 27 at 6 pm ET.



But don’t get too excited yet, even for pre-sale on Monday morning, virtual lineups were formed to enter the main ticketing page.

And for those planning to get tickets later today, here’s what you can expect… but multiply that by maybe 10… or 1,000.

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Also note the “message” from Ticketmaster, three minutes into pre-sale.


Cash and patience aside, with pre-sale tickets probably snagging up most of the seats already, ticket inventory will be in short supply.

But there is hope, as potentially shown throughout attempts to get pre-sale tickets… which we didn’t actually get.

The trick is to have your page early, and refresh right at sale time (aka 6 pm ET.) You’ll need to pick which game you’re going to — so choose wisely.

Because ticket prices will fluctuate by the time sales start, there is currently no listing on how much these hot tix will sell for. But definitely expect them to be high — VERY, VERY HIGH.

Remember, the cheapest tickets found for Game 6 against the Bucks was going for above $600 CAD on StubHub and verified ticket resales on Ticketmaster.

We got excited, but didn’t have the presale code/Ticketmaster

If all else fails (which is highly likely seeing how many people were on the streets following Saturday’s win) you can try to buy tickets on the resale market, though that will be expensive.

The cheapest ticket for the first home playoff game listed on StubHub is currently going for $656.95 US for upper bowl…

And there were over 10,000 people scoping out the tickets at the time of publication.

Stubhub is scary right now.

Anyway… looks like we’ll see you at Jurassic Park.

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