How to check if you’ve potentially been exposed to COVID-19 in Toronto

Dec 2 2021, 4:30 pm

Toronto Public Health (TPH) has launched a new webpage that will be updated with specific locations where COVID-19 exposures may have occurred.

The COVID-19 Exposure Notifications page aims to help identify potential exposures in large settings or where contact lists are not available. The website will be regularly updated with information on large public settings where one or more COVID-19 cases have been detected within a defined timeframe.

The website will also provide guidance on next steps people should take if they were at a location listed on the page.

Locations will only be posted if 20 or more people were at the potential exposure site and will not include exposures at residential addresses. The website will be updated on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 3 pm, and TPH will also share the updates on their social media feeds.

Currently, TPH has more than 900 staff members working on case management, individual follow-ups, text alerts, and mass notifications. This new website will put some contact tracing information directly into the hands of Torontonians.

It could help identify additional exposures in settings where people can attend freely without having to provide contact information. This could include grocery stores and other retail settings.

As of December 2, there are no public exposure settings listed. Spots where exposures have been detected will be listed on the page for 30 days before being removed.

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