Spotted: Toronto police officers go to McDonald’s drive-thru... on horses

Oct 23 2017, 3:09 pm

When you’re having a bad day sometimes all you need is a little dose of Canadiana to lift your spirits.

For example, over the weekend, two Toronto Police officers who were patrolling the city decided to take a much-needed break and grab a snack from a local McDonald’s.

And while seeing an officer in McDonald’s is anything from new, seeing two Toronto Police officers on horseback going through the drive-thru is definitely something to write home about.

Toronto Cops


The above image was shared on i.imgur and you can see the officers attracted a bit of an audience. But could you blame them? This is definitely an unusual site, especially in a busy city like Toronto.

Usually, these kinds of visits seem to only happen Tim Hortons, where Zambonis and moose have been known to visit.

Our only question is whether or not distracted driving counts on horses…

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