Netflix Canada just slayed Norm Kelly in Twitter beef

Feb 22 2017, 6:47 pm

It all started innocently enough.

On Tuesday, Toronto Councillor and bonafide Twitter personality Norm Kelly tweeted out his frustration with the Canadian Netflix content library.

It’s a relatable struggle shared by many bingewatchers across the nation. However, Netflix Canada would not take the comment lying down. And on Wednesday, they responded with the following:

The conversation escalated from there, with Kelly’s and Netflix Canada’s Twitter accounts trading sassy barbs back and forth.

Norm Kelly Netflix Canada Twitter

Norm Kelly Netflix Canada Twitter

Image: Screenshot / Twitter

But that’s not all. Netflix Canada even changed their Twitter bio to read “Norm Kelly’s fav search engine.”

Norm Kelly Netflix Canada Twitter

If that’s not the Twitter version of a mic drop, we don’t know what is.

Naturally, what might have been even more entertaining than this ridiculous social media exchange were the reactions.

In the end, while Norm got some decent shots in, we’re going to have to declare Netflix Canada the winner of this short-lived feud.

Better luck next time, 6Dad.

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