45 of the best Norm Kelly tweets from 2016

Dec 22 2016, 5:38 am

Norm Kelly is the internet.

The Scarborough—Agincourt City Councillor has been slaying Twitter for a while now, even Twitter recognizes it. He was the second most mentioned politician on Twitter Canada in 2016, after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

He is a political force who has captured more than just Canada’s attention, with over 450 thousand followers from all over the world. This politician’s Twitter account is not only informative to Toronto residents, as he keeps us updated on the 6ix, it will make you laugh more than your average comedian.

Don’t believe us? Have a look at these Norm Tweets from the past few months.

He gets us into the Christmas spirit.

Weighing in on our favourite gorilla

Knows the meaning of ‘fire mixtapes’

All we want for Christmas…

Even the rest of Canada don’t get this one

His own follow-up Tweets deserve a medal

He speaks the truth

And there’s the random Guy Fieri Tweets.

And he doesn’t forget. RIP Harambe.

More truth

His brilliant ideas

Who likes raisins in cookies?

This one was deep


He knows who Rae Sremmurd are

More Norm truth


Brilliant ideas continue

What we’re all thinking

This was just pure awesome, who knew?


His Instagram account is more fire than yours.


Some Kellys are not related

Your own vicious cycle explained in two Tweets

He is saucy

Just no

And sometimes, Norm does Norm, and reminds us of important things

We love you, Norm. We hope you continue Tweeting gold in 2017!

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