You can learn about Toronto's unique past at this free month-long festival

Mar 1 2019, 2:14 am

If you’ve ever truly wanted to get to know the people and places of Toronto’s forgotten past, the fourth annual Myseum Intersections festival kicks off this weekend, giving you the chance to learn about the stories that shape our city.

This year’s theme, Revisionist Toronto, “revisits and re-imagines some of the dominant narratives that shape our understanding of the city.”

Throughout the month-long program, 17 projects will explore lost or hidden stories, and seek to reclaim important perspectives from Toronto’s past, challenge present perspectives, and imagine a better future.

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“Through Intersections, Myseum looks to build relationships with Toronto’s communities and residents, using art as a means of sharing their distinct stories,” said Jeremy Diamond, CEO of Myseum.


“I’m excited to see how Revisionist Toronto inspires Torontonians to challenge what they think they know about circumstances that shape their city, giving them a deeper understanding of the city’s social and historical narrative.”

Past Present Future/Creator: Alfred J. Pearson

The eclectic group of exhibits and events will showcase a variety of artistic mediums, from photography and textile to multimedia and multisensorial, to live performance and parades.

Each project examines the past, present and/or future of issues—such as inclusivity, identity, and representation—and their impact on all Torontonians.

One Day/Myseum

The official lineup of Myseum Intersections projects can be found here.

Myseum: Intersections

When: March 1 to 31
Where: Various venues throughout the city
Price: The projects are all free to attend

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