Everything you need to know about Toronto's new King-Liberty pedestrian cycle bridge

Apr 4 2018, 1:09 am

Liberty Village residents rejoice. A new bridge is coming.

The pedestrian link between King Street West and Liberty Village was first approved by City Council in 2011. And this summer, construction is set to begin on the pedestrian/cycling bridge over the Metrolinx Kitchener/Milton Rail Corridor.

According to the City, the bridge will span from Douro Street to the western leg of Western Battery Road, and will provide a convenient and more direct route from Liberty Village to King Street West between Atlantic Avenue and Strachan Avenue. Construction is set to begin in June.

The current estimate for the bridge is approximately $11.5 million, and it’s part of the Council-approved 2018 Capital Works Program.

City of Toronto

The bridge will include a 5-metre wide covered deck, which will span the entirety of the 55-metre wide Metrolinx rail corridor.

Pedestrians and cyclists will access the bridge by a staircase, with a bicycle channel, on each side, as well as elevators for barrier-free access. The bridge will be illuminated for 24-hour access, and the City says there will be security measures, such as closed-circuit cameras, open stairs (for visibility), and emergency call buttons.

There will be public art in the design of the glass for the elevator towers at both ends.

City of Toronto

With construction set for this summer, residents can expect some closures in the area.

Any affected area or property will get a construction notice about two weeks before the work begins.

The City said it will have to remove 26 trees from the boulevard, which will be replaced with an estimated 84 new trees and shrubs by the Urban Forestry.

As well, during construction, on-street parking will be restricted near work areas, with reduced parking space available on both Douro Street and Western Battery Road.

City of Toronto

The City of Toronto will regularly maintain the bridge, which will include any snow clearance at the approaches, removal of garbage and overall regular cleaning.

As the population of King West grows, so too are projects in the vicinity.

One of the current ongoing projects in the region is the new GO/SmartTrack station proposed for Liberty Village is to be located north of King Street West. According to the City, while the King-Liberty Bridge will not provide a direct connection to the SmartTrack Station, residents may use the bridge to access other connecting routes to the station.

The City’s expected end date for the bridge construction is summer 2019.

City of Toronto

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