Toronto's Hong Shing celebrates 25 years of service with one-day-only specials

Mar 9 2022, 10:18 pm

Toronto’s Hong Shing restaurant will celebrate 25 years of service on Thursday, and it’s saying thanks with a series of specials and product launches.

Throughout the years, Hong Shing has made a name for itself, becoming much more than just a restaurant but rather a leader and representative of what the city stands for.

On March 10, Toronto’s beloved eatery, known for its mouthwatering Chinese food, is giving back to the city that has shown its undying support in the past two decades.

Colin Li shared with Daily Hive that the next evolution of the restaurant is the creation of a brand to include lifestyle and community.

“We believe that restaurants are just an extension of your community, so we want to create more opportunities for youth and other local community members. The goal for the lifestyle aspect of our brand is to be part of everyone’s every day because Hong Shing is more than just a restaurant to many people,” said Li.

“We want to create home good products for everyday use as well as apparel to showcase our creativity and consistency to quality in anything we do.”

In the past, the brand has released a number of designed t-shirts, hoodies, crewnecks and even basketballs.

However, Li emphasizes the importance of giving back to the community, collaborating with local creatives and offering opportunities.

“Hong Shing’s has been focusing on giving back to the communities ever since we started to build our digital presence,” said Li.

“We believe that because we are an extension of the community, we want to do our part to keep providing opportunities and create pathways for everyone else.”

They’ve worked with local Boys and Girls Clubs and Yee Hong retirement homes, gathering up local restaurants and providing meals to those in need.

Being a leader in the community, they also started sponsoring a basketball team in a local men’s league about five years ago, which evolved into their own basketball program for men, women and youth.

“We want to provide youth basketball clinics and off-court sessions to provide them with networking opportunities in our community and mentor them to be leaders of our communities,” said Li.

Though it can’t always be sunny skies for the restaurant, Hong Shing, which literally translates to “Strong, Healthy, City” in Cantonese, gets that strength from the love and support of its community, which is reflected throughout the past 25 years.

“Our quality of care and attention to hospitality is what makes us who we are, and we want to embody the sense of family to anyone that comes through our doors,” said Li.

For one day only, Hong Shing will be offering dine-in specials like $5 dim sum, $1 per ounce on red, white, and rose wines, $6 Casamigos tequila shots, and $8 Hennessy shots.

Along with its specials, the team will include new product launches like their popular ginger scallion seasoning, a capsule collection and limited-batch whiskey.

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