Crank up the AC: Toronto set for a scorching heatwave for the rest of July

Jul 14 2022, 3:30 pm

After an underwhelming start to July, summer appears to have finally landed in Toronto.

The Weather Network is reporting blistering highs of up to 35°C with humidity in next week’s forecast.

The potential heatwave will see daytime highs dip no lower than 27°C. Fortunately for those without conditioning at home, the evenings will be far more forgiving with cool temperatures of around 20°C.

According to Environment Canada, the hottest day this weekend will be Saturday, with a high of 30°C — which certainly calls for a day at the beach.


weather forecast in Toronto week of July 14

Environment Canada

From Monday through Wednesday, temperatures will be 27°C but it’ll feel more like 35°C, so be sure to have your sunblock ready and water bottles filled.


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