Flood watch remains in effect for Toronto as temperatures rise

Mar 11 2019, 12:47 pm

Toronto and Region Conservation Authority has issued a flood watch after all of the precipitation that hammered the city this weekend and the recent warm-up.

The flood watch was implemented on Saturday, March 9 ahead of the bad weather, and remains in effect through, Monday, March 11.

According to the TRCA, in addition to the 15 to 25 mm of rain that was expected over the weekend, temperatures are expected to remain above zero, resulting in additional runoff from melting snow.

“Many of TRCA’s rivers and streams have full ice cover. The rise in water levels from rainfall and snowmelt could result in a break-up of the ice. The storm will also bring southwest winds gusting to 70 or 80 km/h, which could result in offshore wave heights of 1.5m along the Lake Ontario Shoreline,” reads the flood watch.

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The TRCA says all the rivers within the GTA may experience higher flows and water levels, resulting in potential flooding and hazardous conditions, “especially behind bridges and culverts where ice jams are present.”

“Ponding may occur in low-lying areas. The combination of slippery and unstable banks could create hazardous conditions close to any river, stream or other water body. All shorelines, rivers and streams within the GTA should be considered hazardous.”

The TRCA is advising people to exercise caution around all bodies of water while the flood watch remains in effect.

All children and pets should be kept away from slippery and unstable banks and everyone should stay “well away” from watercourses.