Toronto is supposed to feel over 35°C again this weekend

May 31 2021, 8:29 am

It’s been a cooler few days, but it looks like warm weather is coming back to Toronto this week as temperatures are expected to get hot.

Just last week, Toronto saw a mix of rain and even snow due to a low-pressure system making its way through southern Ontario, but it was short-lived, and it looks like the first weekend of June is off to a great start.

According to The Weather Network, temperatures are forecasted to increase through Sunday.

Tuesday is expected to feel like 25°C before seeing a slight drop on Thursday to 22°C. Friday’s temperatures are expected to bounce back to feel like 26°C.

As for the weekend, Saturday is expected to feel like 33°C, and Sunday feeling like 36°C.

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The Weather Network

It won’t be the last of the hot weather, though, according to TWN. Hot weather is expected to last into next week too.

Toronto has experienced all four seasons in May, from hot summer-like weather to rainy spring showers, brisk fall-like mornings, and even snowy winter activity.

On May 28, according to Environment Canada, it was the coldest May 28th in recorded history. The last recorded coldest date was in 1889, according to records that date back to 1840.

But it looks like things are starting to pick up again, and the heat is making a comeback. Fingers crossed, it’s the last time you need to take your winter jacket out.

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