Big changes are coming to Dufferin Grove Park (RENDERINGS)

Jun 12 2019, 5:19 pm

Toronto’s beloved Dufferin Grove Park is about to receive a major makeover.

To ensure that future generations can continue to enjoy the space, the northwest corner of the park will soon undergo major renovations.

This includes improving and upgrading a number of the park’s main facilities including the clubhouse, ice rink, and plaza, according to the City of Toronto.

Major upgrades include a new commercial kitchen/baking area, a multi-purpose room, a refrigeration facility for the outdoor ice rink, public washrooms, a snack bar, and a skating rental booth.

Upgrades are expected to begin in February of next year and last until December 2021.

“The project will need to ensure that the community spirit of the park is not disturbed and that the park maintains its unique feel and sense of community,” reads a statement from the park.

“Feedback collected from the public meeting and the online survey has helped the project team to refine the design options to better reflect the values of the community while addressing the facilities’ end-of-life replacement requirements.”

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While the city is still hearing feedback from the community, some of the key features of the project have been highlighted.

Dufferin Grove Park/City of Toronto

This includes updating the ageing ice rink, replacing the ice surface and equipment, and potentially the addition of a unisex washroom.

Dufferin Grove Park/

Dufferin Grove Park/City of Toronto

The park’s clubhouse, which is 26-years-old and is used to host popular community programs such as Friday Night Suppers, the Farmers’ Market, and the Cobb Café, is expected to include a large multi-purpose room, that can host up to 15 vendors during events.

Dufferin Grove Park/

Dufferin Grove Park/City of Toronto

Additionally, there will be new walkways added complete with seating, planting, and lighting, connecting the clubhouse to the rest of the park and to the Gladstone Path.

Dufferin Grove Park/City of Toronto

In total, the renovations to the clubhouse and ice rink are expected to cost $3.5 million. This includes costs for all stages of the design process, public consultation, and construction.