Dashboard cam catches cyclist crossing one of Toronto's busiest highways (VIDEO)

Feb 7 2017, 5:55 pm

Here’s something you don’t see everyday in Toronto.

On the afternoon of February 6, a driver was heading westbound on the 401 towards the 427 when something caught his eye.

The driver, Wayne Edward, caught the rare sighting of a cyclist on Toronto’s major highway.

Heading westbound on 401 just after noon (yes, the time is off by one hour), approaching the 427, I see a cyclist approaching me on the right shoulder… I do a check to change lanes to the left to move away, and when I look back he’s CROSSING THE HIGHWAY!!!

I’m in a 5 Ton Flatbed Tow Truck travelling at highway speed, traffic is fast approaching from my left, so I throw on my overhead emergency lights and move further left… otherwise this guy would have been run over!

Wow, talk about your heart skipping a beat!

Not only was the cyclist riding along the 401, they also crossed the highway at one point. And while they seem to be wearing High-Visibility Safety Apparel, nothing about this is even slightly safe.

Especially considering that according to the Ministry of Transportation cyclists are not allowed to ride on highways. “You can ride on most roads, except: controlled access highways, such as Ontario’s 400-series highways,” states the MTO website.

Watch the cyclist riding on the highway below.

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