7 of the best cycling trails in Toronto that you have to ride this summer

May 10 2022, 9:01 pm

Have you been out cycling yet? With the weather set to get summery this week, it’s the perfect time to go out for a ride and enjoy the city and the sun.

If you’re ready to get out on your bike and are hoping to hit one of Toronto’s many cycling trails, we’ve got you!

We’ve rounded up some of our favourite cycling and multi-use trails in the city so you can hit the pavement, gravel, dirt, whatever!

Taylor Creek Trail


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Riding along the Taylor Creek trails is definitely a favourite of mine. The canopy of trees covering parts of the trail can make you forget you’re in Toronto. Not only is it a nature getaway in the middle of the city, all those trees help throw some shade onto the path, which can help beat the heat on summer days.

Taylor Creek Trail is not only beautiful, but it connects to a ton of other spots in the city, too! If you’re biking in the Upper Beaches, the trail has great connections to spots like Evergreen Brickworks, Toronto Botanical Gardens and even can get you on your way to the waterfront.

The trail is, naturally, pretty busy in the summer, but cyclists and pedestrians alike are pretty good at navigating around each other.

Martin Goodman Trail


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This one is a no-brainer. The Martin Goodman trail runs along the waterfront and provides a nice, flat ride. It is a popular trail so in some stretches, you’ll have to be careful to watch for pedestrians and dogs who sometimes stray into the cycle lanes. In the downtown area, you’ll have to stop for traffic at some intersections, so make sure you’re paying attention to traffic signals!

The trail runs from the Humber Bay Arch Bridge all the way to the Rouge River in the east. You can use the trail as a leisurely way to connect to other trails in the city, too!

Lower Don Trail


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So, a running theme with these trails is that they all connect to more trails! Sometimes you just don’t want the ride to come to an end. The Lower Don Trail is another popular trail that will take you under a beautiful canopy of trees. Hop off the trail near the Distillery District, or stop by Evergreen Brickworks on your ride.

Humber River Trail


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For the west enders looking for a good ride, Humer River Trail is the place for you! It’s a relatively flat, paved multi-use trail. It’s 13 km in length, and you can connect to another 20 km worth of trails in the north end of the city if you’re looking for something longer! This trail also connects to the waterfront’s Martin Goodman Trail.

Crothers Woods


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If mountain biking is more your vibe, try out Crothers Woods! The Crothers Woods bike trail is down in the ravine, making it excellent for mountain bikers. Thereā€™s a 10 km dirt trail for your wide tires to dig into, with elevation and terrain changes to keep you guessing and having fun.

Leslie Street Spit Trail


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The Leslie Street Spit Trail has 10 km of paved path for multi-use purposes. Take your bike and catch sight of some wildlife you wouldn’t see in the heart of a city. While you’re there, take in a view of the city you don’t get to see every day!

The ride is pretty flat so you can take it easy and not have to worry about elevation slowing you down!

High Park


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There are a bunch of trails through and around High Park for cyclists to enjoy. There’s plenty of elevation to climb, too! If you’re looking for something more challenging, follow the road cyclists in kits to the switchback. However, part of this ride will take you onto the main road for a brief ride.

While this is a great place to catch a climb, it’s usually best to go early in the morning to avoid the crowds that gather in the park throughout the day.


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