Toronto's coronavirus numbers are not "escalating": top doctor

Nov 2 2020, 7:34 pm

Toronto’s top doctor says that the city’s COVID-19 numbers are not “escalating” and that the case rate has plateaued at over 300 new cases a day.

On Monday, Toronto’s Medical Officer of Health Dr. Eileen de Villa said “the reported case rate has plateaued at just over 300 new cases a day.”

She also said that the reproductive number is at 1.0, which indicates that case numbers will not increase but will remain stable.

“While this is not where I’d like our numbers to be, the situation is not escalating.”

De Villa noted that in other parts of the world there are stronger restrictions in place as numbers continue to surge. In the UK, there is a country-wide, four-week lockdown taking effect.

The medical officer of health also mentioned how quickly the virus spreads when people gather in groups.

She noted a bachelor party where three people tested possible. It resulted in 16 “high-risk” contacts and 120 “lower-risk” contacts.

There was also an incident that saw 10 friends gathered at a cottage. One person tested positive after returning home, resulting in 40 confirmed cases in nine days.

In late September, a barbecue in a park resulted in 27 confirmed cases. There were 105 high-risk contacts through schools because children were involved in the gathering.

For over the last week, the city’s numbers have remained above 300.

There have been a total of 28,909 cases with 27,268 recovered.

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