Toronto City Council repeals ban on prong dog collars, reopens review of dog collar regulations

Mar 29 2017, 6:48 pm

Toronto City Council has carried a motion to repeal recent amendments to the city’s animal bylaws banning the use of choke collars, choke chains, pronged collars, or any similar device forms.

The motion by Councillor Jon Burnside cites concerns raised “amongst organizations that use choke or prong collars for training purposes for service dogs. Some of the concerns point to lack of consultation with the organizations that rely on these types of training.”

toronto animal bylaw choke collar dogs

Toronto City Council/YouTube

Council agreed to the recommendation to direct Toronto Municipal Licensing and Standards to “undertake public consultation on the use of prong, choke and slip collars, such public consultation to include: veterinarians; experts, and professionals involved with the humane and ethical treatment of dogs; those who rely on service dogs; those who have mobility issues; dog trainers; and dog groomers…”

The report is due to the Licensing and Standards Committee on September 18.

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