An indulgent new pizza parlour just landed on King Street West

Jun 18 2019, 8:58 pm

King West just upped its pizza game.

Because The Parlour, a Vancouver-based eatery focused on all things bread, sauce, and prosciutto, has opened up shop at 642 King Street West.

Beloved on the west coast for oysters, meatballs, and decadent savoury pies, the eats this spot has brought to the city are perfect for diving into at the end of a hot summer’s day.

In an environment that offers whatever vibe you’re hankering for, to boot.

The Parlour

Entering the space, you’re met by warmth. Wood, leather and exposed brick mix with golden lighting to offer a cozy, comforting ambiance.

A piano hangs upside-down from the ceiling, serving as both a light fixture and statement piece – once you realize how uncharacteristic it is to see a piano hang from the beams above, you can’t look away.

The Parlour

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As you move into the restaurant, instead of being enveloped by further warmth, you’re actually met with a lightness.

The retractable ceilings you’ll find in the depth of the space let the sun in, and sometimes even the fresh air. It’s an ideal spot to enjoy after-work drinks and snacks when you’re not quite ready to wind down for the evening.

The Parlour

And the options for said eats are vast and delicious.

Start with a salad, or a plate of prosciutto paired with crusty bread. Plus, considering where you are, you’d be remiss to leave burrata off your table.

The Parlour

And once you’ve had a small bite, your tummy will be ready for more.

The pizzas here are truly something else, and there’s a good chance you won’t be able to choose just one. So don’t bother.

Pies like the Standard and the Five-O are sure to kick your tastebuds into high-gear.

The Parlour

That’s flavour combinations like pepperoni with button mushroom, bacon, and mozz, or Black Forest ham, roasted pineapple, mozz, and chilli flakes.

Up your indulgence even further with the Goldmember: caramelized onion, yukon gold potato, truffle oil, and gruyère.

The Parlour

And if you’re not feeling like pizza — because¬†sometimes you’re just not — there are plenty of other delicious options to try.

Opt for the bacon cheeseburger, made with organic, grass-fed chuck, OKA raclette, bacon, veg, caramelized onion, garlic aioli, dijon, and pickle.

Or perhaps you’d prefer the Boeuf Dip: braised beef, caramelized onion, spicy stout mustard, mayo, OKA raclette, and au jus.

No matter what you choose, you’re going to be satisfied. And you’re going to want a refreshing bevvy to wash it all down.

The Parlour

The cocktail list at this eatery is vast and impressive; you’re going to struggle to decide where to begin. If we can make a recommendation, we’ll suggest the Blackberry Smash, made with muddled blackberries, Hennessy, lemon, ginger, and honey syrup.

Seriously, you won’t be disappointed. In fact, you likely won’t feel let down by anything about this spot.

It’s one to hit, so add it to the list.

The Parlour

Address: 642 King Street West
Phone: 416-583-2642


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