Steam Whistle Brewing just launched a brand new beer

Jun 13 2019, 12:53 am

Just in time for Saturdays on the back deck (or, let’s be real, on the 2 square feet of sunlight you have on your patio), Steam Whistle Brewing has introduced a new beer to its roster.

Now sitting proudly alongside the classic Pilsner, the brewery is offering a Pale Ale, distinguishable by its sky-blue can.

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The new addition to the Steam Whistle Family feels special, considering the Pilsner is all that’s been available in stores up until now.

And it has us wondering… could there be more brews coming down the pipeline sometime soon? Only time will tell.

In the meantime, take advantage of the brews thatĀ are available by pairing them with your fav eats at your next BBQ. Or by enjoying them alongside perfect pairings atĀ the brewery’s recently-opened beer garden.


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