"Anti-capitalist" coffee shop in Toronto responds to major social media backlash

May 31 2022, 10:18 pm

A cafe and shop near Toronto’s Moss Park — which describes itself as anti-capitalist and anti-colonial — is taking to social media to call out its critics who say the business is a bit hypocritical.

The Anarchist serves your typical cafe drinks such as espresso, Americano, lattes, and baked goods like cookies, scones and Portuguese custard tarts, but you will also find books and merchandise, like tote bags and crewnecks, that clearly highlight its anti-capitalist views.

However, people on social media have thoughts.

“Charging $5 for coffee that costs 30 cents to make. That is capitalism,” said TikToker Dag Larsen. “Don’t fucking lie and say you’re for the people. $5 cappuccinos are not for the people.”


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The shop has faced a ton of backlash online, which it has responded to through an Instagram post, thanking supporters and calling out naysayers, too.

“If you’re too cynical to HOPE that someone might be legit, too lazy to ask questions and too addicted to the smug, snarky sound of your own online persona to contribute more to the left than in fighting and lightning speed policing of other leftists… get fucked,” reads the post.

“You’re devoting your time and energy to doing the right’s dirty work, and you are the greatest obstacle to revolutionary progress. Enjoy your digital echo chamber. I’ll just be over here TRYING to do something.”

The backlash faced was just as heavy, making a mock of the shop for how “capitalist” it actually is although they claim they’re against it.


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“Rest in peace Marx and Engels you would have loved the anarchist coffee shop in downtown Toronto that is charging 4 dollars for a coffee in your name,” said one Twitter user.

“For an ‘anti-capitalist’ charging $4.75 for a donut or a cookie seems like a bit much,” said another.

“The owner is a rich white guy from Vancouver that opened up a coffee shop in a low-income neighbourhood,” said another.

For those familiar with the area, Moss Park is another part of the city that has seen gentrification and where many unhoused people reside.

The Anarchist is located at 190 Jarvis Street and recently opened its doors to the public back in March.

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