Islanders fans give Tavares a VERY rough welcome (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

Mar 1 2019, 8:14 am

They say that New York is the city that never sleeps, but out on Long Island it’s more like the city that never forgives.

John Tavares made his anticipated return to Nassau Coliseum to face his former team, the New York Islanders, for the first time since signing with the Toronto Maple Leafs in the offseason.

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When the signing was announced back in July, it wasn’t a matter of if Islanders fans were going to boo Tavares, but by how much they were going to do it.

On Wednesday fans across the league got a taste of what was to come with the cringe-worthy “Dear John” video that went viral.

But that was just the beginning of what was to come.

Before the puck dropped, fans began showing how much they’re over Tavares leaving by running over his jersey with their cars and trucks.

Then they decided to kick things up a notch by burning jerseys and t-shirts that bared his name.

As the game got closer, some fans had a more creative approach in showing how much they were sick and tired of Tavares, like customizing their jerseys.

Then to really show everyone how much they didn’t care for him, one fan decided to take a bold approach by trying to throw a jersey at Tavares as he was leaving the warm up.

Next, some Islanders fans threw rubber snakes on the ice, because Tavares “snaked” the Islanders by invoking his right to leave as a free agent.

The fans kept the same energy throughout the game as the boos rang loud in the Coliseum every time Tavares stepped on the ice, including when the Islanders played a tribute video for their former captain.

Fans chanted phrases like “we don’t need you!” and “Barzy’s better!” referring to Matthew Barzal..

The atmosphere felt like it was a Game 7 in the playoffs.

While Tavares was on the ice when the Leafs scored the first goal of the game, it wasn’t enough as the Islanders would win 6-1.

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