7 indisputable signs that spring is in the air in Toronto

Mar 10 2022, 9:11 pm

Spring is just around the corner and signs of its return are showing in various ways across the city! Do you feel spring in the air?

Sunsets at 4 pm, never-ending gloomy days and temperatures that’ll chill you to the bone are behind us now! The official first day of spring falls on March 20, and while it’s not quite cherry blossom season yet, it is certainly beginning to feel like winter is over.

Whether it was the sunsets after 6 pm, birds chirping or buds growing that tipped you off, you’re most likely feeling spring in the air! Here are some sure-fire signs of spring in Toronto.


What is spring without blowing a tire when hitting a massive pothole? Toronto’s got plenty for everyone and they seem to be everywhere. The heavy snow through the months of January and February really helped potholes along, but fear not! Construction season is upon us.

Spot a pothole? You can report it to the City. According to the City’s pothole tracking, more than 22,000 potholes have already been filled this year.

Migratory birds are back

Do you hear that chirping? The sweet sound of spring! Migratory birds are making their way back to Canada. Land birds often migrate during the night, so if you head out at dusk — and you happen to live on a quiet street — you might just hear the peeps of birds heading to their Canadian homes.

While it’s a great sign of spring to hear the birds chirping, migrating through a city is dangerous business for birds. Toronto Wildlife Centre is preparing for an increase in tiny songbirds in its centre and it’s looking for help to purchase enough enclosures.

Of course, it’s important to remind everyone to leave nests and baby birds alone and call for professional help if something is wrong.

Spring menus


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A sure sign of spring in the city is when bakeries, restaurants, and ice cream shops introduce their spring menus! While not all the favourites have introduced a full menu yet, many have teased that a spring menu is on the horizon.

We knew it was nearly spring when Glory Hole Doughnuts announced there are only two weeks left for its fall/winter menu. Some places have already rolled out their spring flavours, like Honey’s Ice Cream Fruity Pebbles flavoured ice cream! Nothing says spring quite like brightly coloured treats!

Not to mention all the easter treats available at nearly every bakery in the city, get ’em while you can!



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While Toronto is home to many year-round cyclists, those of us with a strong aversion to the cold are getting ready to hop back on our bicycles! Whether you’re waiting for a tune-up, or just hopping on a trail, the season for (comfortable) cycling is upon us.

A number of the city’s bike shops are looking to beef up their staff ahead of the summer, so it’s a good time to get your resume in, too!

Now is the time to get your bike camping gear, as previous years of the pandemic have shown that cycling gear sells out fast.

Patios reopen

As the weather begins to warm up, patios will open in earnest. With CafeTO being implemented permanently, there will be more outdoor dining options available than ever!

Some patios are already open with heaters and have been all winter, but more and more will open in the coming weeks as mild temperatures move in.

Seasonal allergies

They’re back, baby! If you haven’t started sneezing yet, you soon will. Spring thaw will bring about allergies for those who are sensitive to mold. For others, the sneezing and itching eyes may start a little later with pollen from budding trees and grass. Either way, ’tis the season!

Flooding waterways


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After the snow we’ve seen throughout the beginning of 2022, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that river and lake water levels are high. The Toronto and Region Conservation Authority is warning that water levels are higher than normal and there’s an increased risk of danger.

They’re advising people and their pets to stay away from river beds and stay off any ice and ice jams. With more snow and some rain on the way, water levels could rise even higher. Always exercise extreme caution as currents can be unexpectedly strong and water shockingly cold.

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