4 ways having a grad degree gives you a leg up in Toronto

Sep 11 2019, 9:30 am

Education is an investment always worth making. It doesn’t matter if you’re currently in college or have had your degree for one (or eight) years, having a post-graduate qualification could be the link that’s missing to take you to the next stage of your career.

As we get older (and wiser?), the vision we once had for our career can shift immensely. This could be due to changing interests, the influence of travel, or even being inspired by another department within the company you work for.

Oftentimes, the basic bachelor’s degree you have isn’t enough to help you land your dream job. However, attaining your master’s or PhD can help. Sure, the idea of going back to school might scare you, but the most exciting things in life often do.

If you need any more convincing, here are four ways that having a grad degree puts you at an advantage in Toronto.

It helps you earn a higher salary

Before you make an investment in your future, you’ll want to review whether the cost is worthwhile. According to Payscale, the average salary for bachelor’s degree holders in Canada is $58,000, whereas master’s degree holders earn an average of $67,000.

A salary increase starting at $9,000 per year could get you more vacations, a car, and perhaps a rental apartment close to your workplace (AKA, the dream).

You become a specialist in your field


The workplace is constantly changing, and for that reason, employers are looking for agile candidates who can help them grow their company. Becoming an expert in your field with a master’s or PhD instantly gives you an advantage over other Torontonians who are applying for the same position.

In fact, 2018 year-end employer poll report published by the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) revealed that 41% of companies that employed Master’s of Data Analytics grads and 37% of companies that employed Master’s of Management grads planned to hire more postgraduate students in 2019.

It expands your industry connections

Making key connections is salient, regardless of your industry. By studying for a master’s or PhD you’ll be surrounded by individuals from a wide range of backgrounds, each of whom you can learn from. The connections you make with your fellow students and professors can help you in your career prospects — and could even lead to jobs down the line.

Considering moving abroad to study? At an international grad school, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to network and this could even lead to a career overseas after graduation.

It unlocks senior-level positions

When you’re the holder of a master’s degree or PhD, you’ll have a greater chance of landing a senior position than if you solely have an undergraduate qualification. This applies to your first job after graduation (based on your experience) as well as positions you can go for in-house at a company.

According to recruitment site Monster, certain occupations such as speech-language pathologists, biomedical engineers, and data scientists demand a master’s degree — no exceptions.


The reality is that you could be one program away from landing the job that defines your entire career.

On Saturday, September 21 the QS World Grad School Tour will be stopping in Toronto at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. It’s the perfect opportunity to learn about everything grad-school related.

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QS World Grad School Tour — Toronto

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