Toronto wants to know your opinion on who should control the TTC

Jun 3 2019, 8:41 pm

The City of Toronto and the TTC are requesting that the public provide input and feedback on the governance of Toronto’s transit system through an online survey.

The survey is part of Toronto’s “Realignment of Transit Responsibilities Review” between the city and the province.

Launched today, the review is in place to consult the public on the needs of the transit system, particularly in relation to the Province of Ontario’s proposed plan for it— Bill 101-The Getting Ontario Moving Act, which gives the province authority over future expansion projects of the TTC.

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Questions in the survey include how important is it that Toronto maintains ownership of the TTC, how aware the public is of the province’s plans with the transit system, and how aware the public is about the TTC’s current expansion projects.

Other than the survey, to gather evidence-based information on the TTC’s governance and operations, the City of Toronto’s transit review will also involve third-party research, and public meetings held by the city starting on June 13 that will provide the public with information and offer question and answer opportunities.

It will also include a panel of experts that will advise the city manager with their expertise on the “governance, funding, planning and operations of public transit systems in a local and regional context,” according to the city’s website.

Public input and feedback will help inform staff’s recommendations to city council in relation to the province’s plans with the subway system.

You can access and fill out the city’s Transit Review survey here.

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