11 photos of Toronto's Poop Cafe that might make you give a sh*t

Oct 11 2016, 5:31 pm

These desserts look like crap.


Toronto’s first and only Poop Cafe is now open for business… and it’s every bit as weird as you might imagine it to be.

The phenomenon, courtesy of South Korea, has made its way to Bloor Street and attracted long lines on opening day. Waiting to use the bathroom is officially a recreational pursuit now.

Seating in the cafe is limited to toilet seats, meanwhile, the menu specializes in desserts and beverages served in mini-urinals and porcelain toilet bowls. Not sure if you can stomach the bizarre new novelty?

Here’s whats on the menu at Toronto’s new pooped themed cafe:

mango bingsu in a toilet bowl 😅

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Dessert before dinner. #miam

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Poop Cafe 💩 #poopcafetoronto #poopcafe

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mmmm toilet time! 💩

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#poopcafe💩 #christie #toronto #canada 2016.10.08 똥?

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The @poopcafe is finally open! We drank out of urinals and ate out of toilets!

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