The best Kawhi Leonard buzzer beater video is still this one from Philadelphia

May 12 2020, 8:50 pm

Today marks the one-year anniversary of the greatest moment in Toronto Raptors history.

Kawhi Leonard’s buzzer beater in Game 7 to knock off the Philadelphia 76ers was the most dramatic moment on the Raptors’ march to the 2019 NBA title.

You’ve seen it a million times, so you don’t need to see it again.

Ok, fine, just once more:

It’s a moment Raptors fans will never forget. It’s one that 76ers fans can’t forget either, no matter how hard they try.

While Raptors fans are sharing fond memories today, without a doubt the most entertaining throwback video comes from Philadelphia.

Perhaps it’s because Raptors fans have had their share of painful memories prior to their team winning the title last spring, but there’s always something oddly satisfying about seeing opposing fans completely devastated at the hands of your team.

So while Kawhi left for LA and the NBA is suspended due to the pandemic, Raptors fans will always have this video:

The shock, the disbelief, the crying children — it had it all.

And if you enjoyed that, you’ll love this one too, from the NBC Sports Philadelphia desk:

Or this one:

Happy Kawhi day, Raps fans.

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