Ontario high schools can return to normal semesters next year

Nov 18 2021, 8:19 pm

Ontario high schools will be allowed to resume normal timetables beginning in February 2022, the province announced on Thursday.

Currently, high schools in the province are operating on modified semesters. Under the modified semesters, students take two courses every day for a week and then switch to two other classes the next week.

Under a normal timetable, students take four courses per day. The province said that some boards may opt to move back to a regular timetable prior to February if their public health unit approves. Moving to regular timetables will be left to the school boards.

Students and parents have been critical of the modified semesters. They have said that it makes learning more difficult as there will be a full week between lessons. One Twitter user said her students were quite happy with the news that modified semesters may soon see their end.

High vaccination rates among Ontario high school students have allowed the province to make the move back to regular timetables.


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